Who We Are

Anyone that attends Kyabram P-12 College and their family is welcome to access our Student Welbeing Services (SWS). Any time throughout the school day students can access SWS or make an appointment.

During class time, if it is essential to see SWS, students need their classeroom teacher to give permission for them to go to SWS and have their palnner signed.
A student will have a pre-organised appointment with SWS.

Students choose to see the SWS person of their choice, provided they are available at the time, otherwise another time would need to be arranged by appointment. Yearl level Coordinators work closely with the SWS Team and often refer or introduce young people to their services. If it is an emergency often the Village Principal would be the first port of call and Student Wellbeing Services would become involved as the need arose.


Why come to Student Wellbeing?

Poeple come to student Wellbeing Services (SWS) for all sorts of reasons.

  • They might be worried, deppressed, confused or feeling bad about themselves.
  • They may have issue with friends/ keeping friendships.
  • They might feel out of control or angry.
  • There might be aproblem in their family or with their partner.
  • They might want to make some changes in their lives.
  • They might need to advocate who can speak on their behalf.
  • They may not be sure what they want and this can be explored.
  • They might be experiencing violence or sexual abuse.
  • Referrals to other services can be provided.

The decision to come to SWS is an important one and is not a sign of weakness. We will assist you to talk about what is on your mind, and explore your thoughts, feelings, concerns and options.
We will offer strategies and choices for the young person to work with.